Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday, September 25 (day 88/365)

Today was a great family day.  It started out with a great night!  I'm almost afraid to say this out loud, but Phoebe slept straight through from bedtime until 5:30AM.  I know I've now jinxed us and for the next three weeks we'll be up 10 times a night, but still - we had a great night last night!!!  Of course, we could talk about how sad it is that the baby woke us up at 5:30 AM and that now qualifies as a good night.  Yikes.  Anyway, while Jeremy got a little more sleep, Phoebe and I got up and Skyped with Grandma and Grandpa.  When Jeremy got up, we all went out for pancakes!   There were a lot of big kids at the local breakfast joint, so Phoebe had a great time.  After pancakes we did our grocery shopping.  On the way home Phoebe fell asleep in the car and ended up taking a 2+hour nap. 

After nap time we went to Phoebe's friend Noah's first birthday party.  Phoebe now gets way more invitations to social events then Jeremy or I do.  It is a good thing that she's too young to drive so we get to tag along.  The party was great!  One of Noah's other friends has a dad who is a chef, so there was some really yummy food.  We also got to meet a lot of really nice people.  While the whole party was a lot of fun, the highlight has to be the water table.  The babies had a really great time splashing around, stealing toys from each other, and trying to drink the entire contents of the table.

Baby friends!

Saturday, September 24 (day 87/365)

The Phoebster had a little bit of a rough weekend, especially on Saturday.  She did really great at swimming, and then took a 3 hour nap(!!) but she woke up cranky and stayed cranky all afternoon.  We're not sure if she's coming down with something, or just needed a little extra sleep to make up for her lack of sleep during the week.  It is hard for us when she has a rough day, because there's just nothing we can do to make it better.  Luckily even on a rough day, she is a pretty fun baby to have around.

Stare down under the play table.
Lately, Phoebe has really been working on babbling.  She still doesn't say anything intelligible (except for maybe "Dada" - although since she uses it to refer to both Jeremy and the cat, we're not sure if she is trying to say "daddy" or "Danger").  She does however think she is telling us stuff and she always seems fairly disappointed that her idiot parents can't seem to follow simple instructions.

And we all know what makes everything all better ... Daddy snuggles!!!!!

Are you finished yet?  I was playing.

Really?  Again?

Friday, September 23 (day 86/365)

Phoebe sees each baby gate in our house as a personal affront.  She keeps trying to figure them out.  Luckily, she is still a little too short to reach the buttons on them.

So, they push that button and this thing retracts.  If only I could reach ...

Oh hi mom.  What am I up to?  Nothing.  Just hanging out.  Nothing to see here.

Thursday, September 22 (day 85/365)

Does dancing baby with bongos ever get old?  I didn't think so.  As an added bonus, in this video she does her entire routine with a ball shoved in her mouth.

Phoebe is starting to learn that there are certain things babies aren't supposed to get into (e.g cat food).  This new awareness doesn't actually stop her from doing forbidden things, she's just a little sneakier about it.  Her other strategy is to give you a giant baby smile while she does something that is against the rules.  I guess her thinking is if she is cute enough you will be distracted from the rule-breaking part.

What do you mean mom?  I wasn't going to climb the stairs - that is against the rules!  I wouldn't break the rules.  Frankly I'm offended that you jumped to that conclusion so quickly!

Wednesday, September 21 (day 84/365)

Grandma Joyce sent another box full of cute clothes and fun toys.  One of the most exciting toys is this fun trike/baby walker.  This walker is much easier for Phoebe to maneuver than her previous one and she has been having a ton of fun zipping up and down the hallway. 

Excuse me mom, you're in my way.

Look out, here I come.

Tuesday, September 20 (day 83/365)

Today there was a fundraiser for the baby school at a local pizza place.  We're always willing to go eat pizza - for a good cause.  Jeremy even insisted that we get dessert FOR THE CHILDREN.  Phoebe actually does ok eating out now that she is big enough to sit in a high chair and look around.  Since the restaurant was full of other families with kids, she had a great time watching big kids run around and eat dinner.
I may be a baby, but I'm not stupid.  That pizza you are eating looks WAY better than chicken and carrots.  And don't think I didn't notice that cake.

You might notice that in a lot of our pictures, particularly from during the work week, Phoebe appears to be wearing a fairly random selection of shirts and pants.  Just so you know, we don't actually plan to dress her like a hobo all the time.  In fact, in the morning we actually try to send her to school in outfits that, if they don't match, at least don't clash.  However, she invariably comes home in some combination of her original outfit and her emergency clothes so she never ends the day looking nearly as put together as when she starts.  One day she actually went through all of her emergency outfits, a spare outfit from daycare and Jeremy still brought her home with no pants on. 

Monday, September 19 (day 82/365)

Today, Jeremy took Phoebe to baby class while I went to work.  He was skeptical about going, but ended up having a really good time.  At both daycare and baby school they have a lot of big padded things for babies to crawl over/on/around and Phoebe loves to climb and fling herself all over the place.  At home she tries to create the same fun using the floor pillow, her big stuffed animal and the couch cushions.  One of her favorite games involves Jeremy sitting her in front of a big pile of pillows, pushing her over and yelling "KABOOM!".

I am just going to throw myself headfirst into this pile of pillows - what's the worst that could happen?

Did I bump my head?  I don't even notice anymore.


It is pretty fun to throw myself around and bounce off the furniture!  It is even more fun to watch mom try not to freak out while I do it!

And look who is standing!!!!!

Phoebe also loves water.  Swimming, bath time, it doesn't matter, she could splash and play all day.


Haha, the baby is such a sucker.  Let's see those people try to give ME a bath.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday, September 18 (day 81/365)

After dinner we cut up some watermelon for Phoebe which she usually loves.  She was having none of it.  We couldn't figure out why she wouldn't eat it.  Then I noticed she kept reaching for my slice.  It turns out she just wanted to eat watermelon like a big kid.

What are these little chunks?  Why do you treat me like a BABY?!?!

Much better

Saturday, September 17 (day 80/365)

Saturday Phoebe had a really busy day.  We started bright and early at 5:45 AM - you can probably guess whose idea that was (hint: Jeremy and I would have been fine starting closer to 8).  Since we were all up anyway, we got our grocery shopping out of the way - Safeway is open 24 hours so it is perfect for people with babies.  After grocery shopping we came home and played for a little bit before swimming. 

We had to leave right from swimming to go get Phoebe's school pictures taken.  She was grumpy the whole way to pictures and Jeremy and I were joking about how we were going to get a bunch of very expensive pictures of screaming baby tonsils.  We dragged Phoebe into the picture room, put her dress on her and as soon as the photographer started talking to her she burst into a huge grin.  Totally hammed it up.  So I guess we aren't so much paying $10 for a 5x7 print of the baby, we are paying 10cents for the print and $9.90 for the photographer magic that actually got our baby to smile for the camera.  Totally worth it. 

Once we got back to the car and changed Phoebe out of her dress, she went right back to being tragic.  She had a rough rest of the afternoon, especially after her nap.  At one point, we finally turned on an episode of the Muppets (a last ditch trick that we pull out every once in a while).  Phoebe snuggled up with Daddy and took a little break.  Daddy snuggles are the best!

Friday, September 16 (day 79/365)

Here is a random collection from Friday.  Towards the end of the week we're usually lucky if we remember to take pictures, so we end up with bits of this and that.

The batteries in this toy have been slowly dying and as they do the music has gotten progressively sadder.  Here Phoebe is depressed by the macabre tweeting of the bird.

Phoebe has been doing a really good job at learning the concept "gentle". Well, she does a really good job until she gets excited, then she gets not-so-gentle.

Thursday, September 15 (day 78/365)

Phoebe LOVES the dishwasher, but when it isn't available the refrigerator comes in a close second.  She hasn't quite figured out how to open it yet, but when she does she might rocket up in Danger's list of favorite people.

Look, I found the fridge! 

Mom, it looks like you've had a rough day.  Hang on a sec and I'll grab you a beer. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!

With our sparse blog updating these days, we're late recognizing a lot of big milestone.  This past weekend two wonderful babies were born!

Jeremy's cousin Jack and his wife Virginia had an adorable baby girl named Winnie.
Our friends the Sheaus had their 2nd baby (it's a boy!) Sylvan

Welcome to the world Winnie and Sylvan, we can't wait to meet you both!

Wednesday, September 14 (day 77/365)

There isn't really a connecting thread between today's pictures other than they all show Phoebe hamming it up.  

Mom, can't this wait until I've had my coffee?

My complements to the chef!

Who you calling TROUBLE?

Tuesday, September 13 (day 76/365)

When we built baby jail in the living room, we used one of Phoebe's big ball toys as one of the edges.  It fits perfectly between the recliner and the wall, sealing off one end of the living room.  However, it clearly doesn't have a 100% success rate at containing the baby.  In this picture you'll notice that it is Daddy who is inside baby jail ...

Here, take this ball and put it in the elephant.  Good boy!

Monday, September 12 (day 75/365)

Labor day weekend was the big Navy garage sale.  My friend Lori and I went and both got a lot of really great stuff for our kids.  One of Phoebe's scores was a walker toy - she has pretty much been attached to it every waking hour since I brought it home. 

The other day she was standing up behind the walker and dancing.  We kept trying to get a video of her dancing, but when we'd turn on the camera she'd stop.  Jeremy started dancing trying to demonstrate
Is Dad ok?  Dancing??  Um, ok, if you say so.

Phoebe has also learned how to operate doors and spends a lot of time in the living room ignoring the GIANT pile of baby toys and focusing instead on repeatedly opening and closing the door.

Hmm, if she can operate the door, surely she will be able to open the kitty treat drawer in no time.  Finally this "baby" will be useful.

Sunday, September 11 (day 74/365)

Do you want to know how to make a baby REALLY angry ?

What do you mean iPhones aren't for babies!!!???!!! You are the meanest parents ever!!!

Phoebe is still having a bit of a rough time sleeping.  We're not sure if it is her teeth, a growth spurt, or a developmental milestone related sleep regression.  Whatever it is, she had another rough weekend.  We spent a lot of time just hanging out at home having relaxing family time. 

Really?  I'm supposed to hang out with you people all day?  Oh brother.

To help liven things up, Phoebe treated us to a concert

Sunday night, Phoebe and Dad kicked back in front of the football game

Nothing like a frosty cold one in front of the game on Sunday night.

Saturday, September 10 (day 73/365)

Three of my favorite mammals relaxing before dinner

Friday, September 9 (day 72/365)

Phoebe learned how to clap this week.  Now she'll periodically stop whatever she is doing and give herself a little round of applause.  What a good attitude about life: I am pretty cool - nobody else is clapping so I'll just go ahead and clap for myself. 

Thursday, September 8 (day 71/365)

This is my third outfit of the day!!!

Working on #4!!!

Wednesday, September 7 (day 70/365)

Poor Danger.  Phoebe loves him so much, and he just wants no part of baby-love ...

Remember when the baby couldn't reach this high?  Yeah, those were good days ....

Snuggles for the kitty!!

Oh, so excited to see the kitty!!  (Kitty not so excited to hear/see baby)


Wait.  Come back.  I'm not done SNUGGLING YOU!

Tuesday, September 6 (day 69/365)

I am not sure exactly what was going on here, but I came downstairs and found these three giggling in the kitchen.  I'm sure they were up to no good :)

Oh hi mom, what's up?  Us?  Oh nothing, just hanging out.  Nothing to see here.

Seriously.  Look at these faces.  Would we cause trouble?

Monday, September 5 (day 68/365)

Happy Labor Day!  We really enjoyed having three full days to spend together this weekend!  Sadly, Phoebe was a little out of sorts because her teeth were really bothering her.  At one point we decided to take a walk to see if a change of scenery would cheer her up.  By the end of the block she was nodding off and by the next street down, she was completely out.

In addition to being fussy about teething, Phoebe has been at her wits end about baby jail. 

Hi Baby.  What's up?  Oh, you're stuck on that side of the gate?  Too bad.