Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bagel Update

Last Friday we had our 16 week doctors appointment.  Nothing too exciting because we didn't get new ultrasound pictures.  We did get to hear the heartbeat, but it took the doctor a minute or two to find it which made us both really nervous.  Luckily, once found, Baby Bagel's heartbeat was strong and right in the range that it should be for this stage of things.  Of course, everyone is looking forward to next month's checkup when we get to settle the Bagel gender-bet once and for all.  Speaking of which, if you want in on the gender guessing pool, make sure you let us know before August 5th :)

Danger got to test-drive a baby the other day when our friends Kristin and Geoff brought over their 9 month old Kestrel.  Mostly cat and baby just stared at each other curiously, but Danger was surprisingly interested in what Kestrel was up to.  Of course Kestrel didn't make any sudden lunges towards the cat and he also dropped a good amount of cheese on the floor, so those two things in combination may have made Danger much more tolerant than normal.  We're a little worried about how the cats will adapt to Bagel, but I guess eventually they'll just get used to him.  We've also started to get worried about the vast number of baby items that feature dangling toys - although maybe that just means that the cats and Bagel will be able to share toys for a couple of years - I guess that could be one way to cut down on the cost of raising a kid - does anyone know if cat nip is safe for babies?