Monday, August 13, 2012


The two little girls across the street offered Phoebe their out-grown princess scooter and she was super excited to accept.  She isn't quite coordinated enough to ride it very fast, but she loves taking it out for a spin.

Good morning Mommy!

What do you mean it isn't morning yet?  I think I heard Daddy say something about "f-ing four in the morning".  I am not sure what that first word was, but he clearly said "in the morning"

You don't look so great.  Do you feel ok?  You should probably get more sleep.  And be less grumpy.

Phoebe will take care of you.  How about some coffee?

You don't look so great, I'd better make this a double.

Here you go Mommy, you will feel better soon.  Can we talk about my waffles now?

Squirrel Video

Here is a short video of Phoebe meeting the squirrels at the park

Sunday, August 12

This week there is a big classic car race and auction in town and it is pretty much the second best week of Phoebe's life (right after the week when all the motorcycles were in town).  Downtown is full of cool old cars and huge trucks.  Sometimes, if we are really lucky, a truck will be open and we'll get a glimpse of a car inside a truck.  Phoebe finds that to be hilarious she'll slap her forehead and yell "OH MY!" then for the next five minutes she will go on and on about the "vroom in the tuck" (vroom is Phoebe's word for any fast car, or any car that is red).

This Sunday, they let all the guys who will be racing next weekend take some practice laps around the track.  The cheap seats were free, so we took Phoebe to check out the vrooms.  We were able to get really close and Phoebe loved the pace laps.  Then the race laps started and Jeremy and I realized that neither one of us had stopped to think about the fact that we could hear the cars from our house ten miles away ... which meant it was actually pretty deafening standing right next to the track.  Our ears hurt after a few laps, so I can't imagine how the poor Phoebers felt!  Next year we will have to find some baby ear plugs so we can take her back - the Doodles loves her race cars!

[Although she does not love race cars as much as motorcycles.  On the drive to the track we kept saying "we're going to go see the vrooms" and Phoebe would reply hopefully "and momos??".]

As another aside, Phoebe also dressed herself today.  I tried to put her in another pair of pants but she squirmed and threw a fit.  Finally I asked "Phoebe, would you like different pants?".  She replied "more fuzz".  We went upstairs, opened her pants drawer and she triumphantly pulled out her fleece pants yelling "fuzzy pants!".

Fuzzy pants and vrooms - it doesn't get much better than that (unless there are motorcycles)

Monday, August 13

We had quite the afternoon today!  Jeremy and I picked Phoebe up early from school and we went to Pacific Grove to get family pictures taken.  We decided to get pictures taken in a park with nice scenery and we were a little early, so we went for a family walk.  Phoebe was having a good time hanging out and looking at the ocean ... and then she saw her first squirrel ... from then on she was having a GREAT time - chasing squirrels.  The squirrels are pretty tame.  We're pretty sure people must feed them, and this is a "no dogs" park so they have free run of the place.

When Phoebe was done terrorizing the wildlife, we met up with the photographer and got our photos done.  The little doodle bug did her darndest to make sure the poor photographer didn't get any shots of her smiling, but we think we got a few good shots.  The pictures should be ready in a few weeks, so we'll let you know how they turn out.

After pictures, we took Phoebe out for pizza as a special treat for at least pretending to cooperate for about two minutes at the beginning of the pictures.