Friday, April 2, 2010

Project 365 - 7/365

This was our alliance for the playoffs. We finished second overall, losing on a controversial non-penalty in the first overtime match of the finals. Given how poorly we did at the San Jose contest a couple weeks earlier, second felt pretty good.

Kate and I both had a lot of fun with FIRST. We were mentors for the Carmel High School team (2035 - the Robo Rockin' Bots!). We're already scheming how to do things better for next year. Wiring boot camp!

This is our coach, Paul McFarlin, on the field as the arena sings "Happy Birthday" to him. His birth was, of course, on April Fool's Day.

Project 365 - 6/365

The playing field at FIRST/Sacramento. We're the red robot in the far right corner. During qualification, we were pretty successful at pushing balls into the goal and at hanging. We were seeded 5th overall after qualifications.

Project 365 - 5/365

Our robot in the pits at FIRST/Sacramento on Tuesday (3/30). I forget exactly what we were puzzling over this time. Probably the kicker again, since it never really kicked the way we hoped it would.