Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, July 23

One of my friends is in the hospital and not feeling well, so each of the last two days we've taken the doodle bug over for a visit to spread some cheer.  Well, yesterday we spread cheer.  Today, Phoebe was a little cranky so we mostly spread tantrums all over the hospital.  The Phoebster can throw quite the tantrum.  We don't have any video yet, but she provides us with so many opportunities, I'm sure we'll be able to capture one soon.

While we were at the hospital, we took Phoebe to visit the Koi in the atrium pool.  The volunteers at the info desk give little kids cups of fish treats so they can feed the fish.  The fish have learned that small humans mean treats, so they all swam over to check out Phoebe.  She was pretty excited, but then started to get agitated when Jeremy insisted on holding on to her so she couldn't jump in and swim with the fishes.  We are such mean parents.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday, July 2

More morning wake up time snuggling with our lovies.  This time in our chair that got dragged into the kitchen.  Phoebe does like to redecorate!

Tuesday, July 3

Phoebe has started sleeping with a collection of lovies referred to collectively as "MIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNE!!!!!" whenever one of them is temporarily out of her line of sight.  She has a blankie, a glow worm that was a hand-me-down from her buddies next door, and a stuffed black kitty that my mom gave her.  Every day when we start story time, we have to make sure that all the lovies are arranged just so.  They stay with her all night, and if she has a hard time waking up, they come down stairs with her too.  Monday night was pretty rough, so when Phoebe woke up early this morning, some lovey snuggle time was definitely called for!

By dinner time, things had definitely perked up.

Wednesday, July 4

To celebrate the 4th of July we helped some friends move.  They have two kids, so while some subset of the parents worked on the actual moving, the others wrangled kids.  During one of my kid shifts I took Phoebe and the almost-three-year-old to the local park.  They had a ton of fun and I was just happy that I managed to keep them both alive and head-injury free during my watch.

We had a great time and at the end of the day we grilled out and caught up.

Playing on the slide (I should admit that I convinced them to go down the slide together, not realizing that the bottom had been sitting in the sun all day and was super hot.  When they hit the hot spot they both started crying.  Yep, I am a pretty awesome baby sitter!)

Snack Time!  After scalding the kids on the hot slide, I distracted them  from their injuries with a snack break.  All was well until they started stealing each other's water bottles.  I am pretty sure that this shot is photographic proof that Phoebe started it.

Thursday, July 5

Today at dinner we had sweet potato fries - one of Phoebe's favorites.

I put dinner on the table, buckled Phoebe into her seat and went back to the kitchen to grab everyone's drinks.  When I got back to the table, Phoebe had pushed her plate out of the way, dragged over the sweet potato fries, and was happily helping herself.

Friday, July 6

Phoebe loves to look out the window - her new little picnic table is just the right height that when she stands on it she can keep an eye on the neighborhood.  She also loves to be naked.  Her nudity, combined with looking out the window makes her a prime candidate for our street's reverse peeping Tom :)

The Weekend (Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8)

This weekend was busy but fun.  On Saturday we went to Palo Alto to help our friends move.  Gone are the days when helping friends move involved a few hours of schlepping boxes followed by some relaxing beers and a pizza or two.  Between our friends' two kids and Phoebe, I think the folks carrying boxes had the EASY job :)

Let's slide down the DRIVEWAY!  What could possibly go wrong??

This box is packed full of CUTENESS!

After a full day on Saturday, we spent most of Sunday just hanging out as a family.  We ran a few errands but spent a lot of time just playing and going for walks.  It was nice to get in a little family time!

Phoebe shows Daddy how to push the trike CORRECTLY

Time Flies When You're Not Updating Your Blog! (Monday, July 9, 2012)

Where has the time gone?  It looks like we're about six months behind on our picture a day efforts.  We do have a ton of pictures, we've just been so busy we haven't gotten around to uploading them here.  Rather than start where we left of we'll start posting Phoebe's more recent shenanigans first.  Hopefully some day we'll get around to posting our photo backlog.  Until then we hope you enjoy catching up with our rambunctious 18 month old.  (18 MONTHS!!!  Where does the time go indeed!)

Speaking of 18 months, Phoebe just had her 18 month pediatrician appointment and passed with flying colors.  She weighs 24 pounds, 14 ounces (50th percentile) and is 34.75 inches long (at the tippy-top of the growth chart).  Phoebe is also "off the charts" in personality, which hopefully will be obvious in the pictures we'll be posting :)

Here's today's shot:

Phoebe came home with her jacket on backwards.  Ms. Luz (one of her daycare teachers) said they had to turn it around because Phoebe kept unzipping her jacket and taking it off.  In Ms. Luz's words "I would say 'Phoebe keep your jacket on' and she would look right at me and giggle while she took it off".  That's our Phoebster!