Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fashion - Phoebe style

Phoebe can be pretty particular about her clothing.  She's not into traditionally girly clothes, but she definitely has her preferences: fuzzy pants when it is cold, leggings when it is warmer, super hero shirts, headbands, capes, lots of blue, a little sparkle, and (recently) bicycle shirts. She also likes crazy mis-matched socks (bonus if they say "Hanes" on the bottom) and day-of-the-week underpants. Recently Phoebe has discovered accessorizing. For her that usually means a baby-sized headband (despite us purchasing her own headbands, she always wants her sister's), a cape (or a jacket worn as a cape), and sunglasses.  This Sunday, while we were out running errands, Phoebe went through several wardrobe changes:

In the car on the way to lunch. (1) Leggings (they are too small, but were the only clean pair we could find - part of this trip was to purchase a few more pairs of leggings to avoid having to squeeze into a two-sizes-too-small pair ever again), (2) super girl t-shirt (this is probably Phoebe's favorite shirt - it has velcro tabs and a cape that attaches. She loves to wear her cape. This day we forgot the cape, so she spent part of the day with a receiving blanket tied around her neck), (3) Infant sunglasses.
At lunch. Hoodie jacket with hood up. Sunglasses inside.  

While I was digging through clearance leggings trying to find Phoebe's size, she helped herself to a whole new outfit. Since everything was on sale and I didn't have the energy to wrestle her out of the clothes, we bought her the outfit and let her wear it home. The sunglasses in particular have been a big hit ... she even wore them in the bathtub last night.

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