Wednesday, June 11, 2014

100 Happy Days - June 5 (day #5)

Jeremy and Phoebe got invited to go on a big camping trip leaving mid-day on June 6th so the 5th was pretty busy. The group they were going with included six families with a total of 16 children among them. All the meals were communal so we had a bunch of grocery shopping and cooking to do to prep for our parts of the meals in addition to all the regular packing (tents, sleeping bags, etc) necessary for camping. Camping with kids is infinitely more complex than when it was just Jeremy and myself.  By the evening everyone was pretty stressed. Phoebe hadn't gotten enough attention while we all ran around getting packed, I was behind on the food prep schedule, and poor Eleanor was sitting in the jumperoo all neglected. I decided that we just needed to take a little break and head to the park. After all, if I was going to be up late making food, a half hour didn't really make or break the schedule and it would go a long way towards making everyone a little happier. I am trying to make more decisions like this - where I put aside the hustle and bustle of what needs to be done and just take a few minutes to do something that makes everyone happy and lowers the general busy-level in our house. These smiles were more than worth it!

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