Thursday, June 12, 2014


Our cats have a fairly well-honed sense of self-preservation, so they have instinctively steered clear of Phoebe for most of her life. Lucy and Danger have both been a little more curious about Eleanor - especially when she is asleep inside her fleece sleep sack. Then I think they just assume we have conveniently provided them with a milk scented, fuzzy furnace to cuddle with.

Lately, Eleanor has been figuring out forward motion which makes her a bigger threat to the comfort of our four-legged family members. Lucy typically gives her a wide berth (and Rocky, as usual, stays well out of the way of all children). Danger though, is still interested in Ellie. He tends to bait her by sitting just out of reach. Then after she lunges and grabs him, he acts all put out and agitates for treats. He is not fooling anyone.

PS Please ignore the ginormous mess in the background. We're moving so that gives us a free pass on giant messes - right???

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