Thursday, June 12, 2014

100 Happy Days - June 8 (day #8)

Late on the 8th, Jeremy and Phoebe got back from the big camping trip. [Side note: I'll try to get John or Jeremy to post some camping pictures]. From all accounts the trip was a huge success and everyone had a great time. Phoebe climbed a rock wall, played in the river, and ate her weight in s'mores. After all that fun, and sleeping in a tent for two nights, everyone was a little worn out. When the campers got back, there were some quick showers, a light dinner, and then everyone just relaxed a little before early bedtime. Phoebe tends to get a little tragic when she is tired, so as a special treat (and to avoid full-on meltdown) we let her watch a little bit of Frozen before bed. She and Jeremy cuddled on the floor and watched the movie - watching them together definitely makes me happy. Jeremy is such a good Dad and it is adorable how Phoebe wants to be just like him - when they do things together she will watch him out of the corner of her eye and will try to copy him.

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